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Bne Akiwa allgemein Why do we have a World Veida?
21.10.2006 von Webmaster


World Bnei Akiva is a huge international movement that consists of over 50,000 members world wide (out of Israel). As a movement of this size there are lots of decisions to be made, the Veida is the name of the convention were the policies are set and the most important decisions for the Bnei Akiva are made.

As a 77 year old youth movement things are no longer as they were when Bnei Akiva was founded. In order to make changes in a youth movement Veida must get together at least once in every youth generation and that is why Bnei Akiva world Veida is once in four years.
At a World Veidah representatives from all over the world come together. The Veida Empowers the Chaverim from all over the world to make the major decisions of the movement. Veida is the place we see how Bnei Akiva is really a youth Movement lead by youth and for youth, and not a youth organization lead by adults to organize programs for youth. At Veida the youth decide what the adult workers are expected to do for them and the adult workers report back to the youth about what the have done since the last Veida. Veida writes out the goals and guidelines for the next 4 years of the movement and the workers together with the Chaverim from all over the world have to accomplish these goals in the best way possible.
This means that every person on Veida is a real member of Bnei Akiva, or as we like to say every member on Veida ‘IS BNEI AKIVA’.

In theory every Member of Bnei Akiva should be at the world Veida, but that would mean having a conference in one place for thousands of people. The technical solution to that is having local Veidot where local decisions are made and suggestions are sent to the world Veida. Each local Veida chooses their representatives to represent them at the world Veida. This means that by Veida each city, region, country and continent should have their Veidot where all Chaverim can join and affect the local and world Movement. All the resolutions made in local Veidot become immediate rules for the locals and will be brought in as suggestions to the regional, national and continent Veidot, and the resolutions from there will be suggested to the world Veida. It is the responsibility of each representative to bring up and represent the resolutions made by the Veida he is representing. This way the world Veida represents all the members.

Veida is a real chance to make affective and important changes in this big and important movement. All Chaverim should take this opportunity to think out what we really want our movement to do and to be and Veida is the place to make it happen. Clearly after Veida the real work only begins in making these resolutions into actions.

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