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Bne Akiwa allgemein New Mazkal at World Bnei Akiva
04.08.2006 von Webmaster

Dear Friends – Hashem Imachem!

Due to these difficult times, I would like to send my best wishes to the IDF soldiers and the residents of the northern and southern borders. Our hearts and thoughts are with them, and may Hashem guard them and return them safely to their homes.
As I wrote to you in my previous letter, I am ending my service to Bnei Akiva, and carrying on to new missions within the World Zionist Organization. For the past twenty years, I have been privileged to serve this amazing movement, eight of them as the head of it. I thank Hashem for giving me this opportunity to serve Am Yisrael. I am grateful to the devoted team I worked with, and wish to express my gratitude to all the shlichim, bogrim, activists, etc.
I would also like to thank the organizations which support the movement – the Jewish Agency, the Mizrachi Organization and the former heads of World Bnei Akiva, who paved the way for the coming generations.
A special thank you goes to the devoted chairmen of the World Bnei Akiva board of governors – Marc Belzbreg, Daniel Goldman and David Koschitzky, who give their heart and soul to the movement – may Hashem reward them for all they do for us.
The Mazkirut of World Bnei Akiva has elected Zeev Schwartz as an acting General Manager. Zeev is a boger of Bnei Akiva South Africa, and has been the head of Torah Mitzion for the last decade. I am confident that he shall continue the drive of activity and lead the movement to further goals. The appointment is subject to the approval of the movements' World Ve'ida, due this coming spring.
Zeevs' email address is:
The office numbers remain the same.
In coordination with the new general manager, I shall be heading the committee for the new Bnei Akiva Bayit in Jerusalem, in memory of Dr. Joseph Burg.

You can contact me at:
Office: 972-2-6202319
Fax: 972-2-6204159
Mobile: 972-52-7777026 (new) 052-4317455 (old)

Please stay in touch and thank you again for your faith in me over the past years. I wish Zeev lots of luck and success!

BeVirkat chaverim Letora Vaavoda,
Gael Grunewald

aus: e-Mail des World Bnei Akiva vom 3. August 2006

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